Instructions for Screening
  1. Review this website and decide if you are interested in participating in this study.
  2. If you are interested in proceeding, call the Study Coordinator at 504-427-5632 to see whether you are eligible to participate in this study, to receive the Notice of Privacy Practices and acknowledgment, to receive the screening consent form and screening HIPAA, and to schedule an in-person interview or to schedule an online Skype/FaceTime interview.
  3. Print off and complete the screening documents.
  4. If you prefer a Skype/FaceTime interview you will sign the screening consent and screening HIPAA during the online interview so that the study coordinator or the Principal Investigator (PI) can go over the consent with you and witness your signature.  You will then complete all of the screening instruments downloaded from the website.  No Protected Health Information (PHI) will be collected until hard copies of the screening consent and screening HIPAA have been received by the study team.  If you have an in-person screening appointment, you will review and sign the screening consent and screening HIPAA at that appointment.
  5. For those who completed an online initial interview, you will need to fax, mail, or email your signed screening consent and screening HIPAA to the study coordinator, along with your completed study instruments downloaded from the website.  You will then schedule a full screening interview online.
  6. For those screening in person, download the study documents and bring them with you to your appointment.  You will complete them then.
  7. If a participant passes all screening measures to this point,he/she will be given the main consent and main HIPAA consent and will schedule a Skype/Facetime-witnessed signing or will be scheduled for an in-person appointment to sign the main consent and main HIPAA.  A hard copy of the main consent and main HIPAA must be received by the study team before any study-related procedures can begin.  The participant will then be scheduled tocomplete the final screening measures in the New Orleans area: urine toxicology test for drugs of abuse, pregnancy test for females, and hyperbaric medicine history and physical exam with Dr. Harch, and cognitive screening measures with the neuropsychologist Dr. Andrews.
  8. Failure of any of the screening measures will disqualify a participant from the study.